And The Bunny Went Hop

Copyright 1989 Daniel E. Biemer

Take me back to that playground, mamma, I wanna dig in the sand.
Take me back to that swingset, daddy, life was simpler then.
The merry-go-round just made me dizzy!  Come on, let's do it again.
Show me that bug you found there, Susie - I'll be your best best friend!
And the bunny went hop
And the birdie went tweet
And all through the sandbox
They were stomping their feet
And mommy went "Gaa"!
And daddy went "Whirrrrr"!
They said "you're my little boy" and
"You're my little girl."
Simpler were our sorrows then, and simpler still were our joys
Never had to worry when the girls'd play with the boys
Never had us a band, but we could dance the whole afternoon
Music came from the heart and no one cared if we were in tune
Got an idea honey, as I watched you tasting the dirt
All us crazy grownups should go to play instead of to work
Meeting times and contracts and proposals simply would stop
And only those on the monkey bars would climb their way to the top.