1. New Song Download MP3
2. And The Bunny Went Hop Download MP3
3. Perfect Reason Download MP3
4. Hold On Download MP3
5. How Long Download MP3
6. Time and Tango Download MP3
7. Mountaintop Download MP3
8. PartyHead Download MP3
9. The Sandman's Lullaby Download MP3

The year was 1989.  Inspired by "Graceland" but unable to afford a sampler,  the artist soon to be known as Special Guest experimented with his new, "state of the art" Roland MT-32 and CZ101, as well as his vintage-even-then Chroma Polaris II, trying to fake an acoustic sound in his bedroom studio.  This is what came out.  Technology is a fickle lover.  But the songs are still pretty fun.

All songs written, performed, copyright 1989 Daniel E. Biemer