Copyright 1989 Daniel E. Biemer

Here on mountaintop, we'll live the perfect life
Far above the clouds, the sun will always shine
Things are peaceful here, we'll leave our fear behind
Cause up on mountaintop, 
There's nothing 'round but trees and open sky and
Look at the wind blowing by
Up on mountaintop, we're rising with the dawn
Like our ancestors, we plow and hoe and farm
Rich with milk from nanny goats and honey from the bees
We spend our evenings telling tales
And bouncing happy babies on our knees and
Look at the wind blowing free
Here on mountaintop it's safe to watch the flood
Dark and churning waves that cover everyone
Lost and struggling, they reach out for the sun
While up on mountaintop
We stand and cry in shame for what we've done and
Look at the wind blowing on
Here on mountaintop, we're hanging on to life
Singing simple songs and trying not to die
Eating healthy foods and praying every night
That mother nature guards her wards
From sonic booms and missiles from the sky and
Look at the wind blowing by