New Song

Copyright 1989 Daniel E. Biemer

Well, she wasn't young and he wasn't rich
Just a little bit early for his seven year itch
When they met in the bar, she saw the ring on his hand
But she'd always had a thing for the older men
She don't know the cause, though she knows the effects
Should've married for love, but he married for sex
They can shake up their lives, they can fix what is wrong
And starting tonight they'll sing a brand new song
New song
Everybody sing a new song
Everybody sing a new song
Laugh and be happy
Dance all your troubles away
Well, he didn't care and she didn't mind
And while they were there they had a grand old time
The toast of the bar, and the talk of their friends
For a minute or two they were young again
But the hands of time keep marching on,
Pass the minute, the minute's gone
And way across town from their neat little tryst
A child goes to bed without a goodnight kiss
"Of course I respect you, you know that it's true
Things're gonna change when the divorce comes through
We'll shake up our lives and we'll fix what is wrong
And starting tonight we'll sing a brand new song."
Now don't be afraid if you make a mistake
You'll start over again and it's never too late
Just live for the moment and bury the past
Never think about future, it'll get here too fast
Time will heal the destruction that you leave in your wake
And hearts don't mean nothin', don't you care if they break
Don't face up to your faults, wasn't you that was wrong
Take a tip from our friends and sing a brand new song