Copyright 1989 Daniel E. Biemer

I know it's a breakup, why can't we still be friends?
Why don't we just make up? Don't let it be the end.
I don't understand you, how can you just turn and walk away?
Now, listen here, damn you, how 'bout the promises you made?
She wore a party hat, party hat
On her party head, party head
Before the night was done, night was done
She danced with all the men, all the men
I'm telling you baby, my love will never die.
How can you doubt me, you know I never lie.
How can you just walk out? Why can't you just give me one more chance?
If you change you mind, girl, you know I'll be here...
Well frankly Miss Scarlet now I just don't give a damn
And I'll let you go 'cause that's the kind of guy I am
Now don't you get started, 'cause babe I don't need no sympathy
I'm not broken hearted, 'cause baby there's more fish in the sea...