Til The End Of The World

When the Judgement comes early and Death is uprepared, guy next door Jonathan Zzoam gets the chance to run the world for a day with everyone who ever lived. But as even Mr. Satan’s secretary knows, power corrupts – and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Will he give in to ego and take all humanity down with him? Or will an eclectic mix of family, historical, and supernatural figures pull him through?
Jonathan Zzoama young man
Elaine Freemanhis girlfriend
Finny Freemanhis best friend
Mr. FreemanElaine and Finny’s father
Mrs. FreemanElaine and Finny’s mother
Mr. ZzoamJonathan’s father
Mrs. ZzoamJonathan’s mother
Prophet of Dooma wild-eyed bearded man with a sign
DeathGrim reaper and blue-collar gal
GabrielHead angel and showman
Mr. SatanSleazy CEO of Satan and Sons
Miss DemoniaSatan’s gum-chewing nail-polishing secretary
Joan of ArcMartyred warrior maid of Orleans
ChorusThe Dead, Minister, Gravediggers, Angel Chorus (3 women), The Unemployed, Siegmund Freud, William Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Henry VIII, Henry’s Wives, Oedipus Rex, Fiend 45